First Time Setup:


Step 1:  Have you sent us your resume recently?

If not, have all your certification/license/resume information handy and go to & ADJUSTER SIGN UP link to enter that information on our secure on-line form.


Step 2:  Get an account/password to the Mason website.

            When you are contacted for a job, Forrest Marlin at Mason will supply you with your personal Adjuster’s account/password.



Step 3:  Getting familiar with the system.

If you wish to get familiar with our system before you start entering live data then;  1) go to;  2) click on Electronic Claims Tracking Demo menu option;   3) click on the plus sign next to “Try the Demo” and;  3) enter the Adjuster password GLadjuster;   4) after logging into Test mode, click on the Enter Cat data button to add or modify some test data.



Entering real data:  (After Forrest has supplied you with an account and password)


Enter a claim into the system when you are first assigned the claim.  Then log back in to this site as the task progresses – Policy holder contacted, inspection done, gross amount of loss figured, fee figured, etc.  Leaving  Status Comments as the task progresses gives valuable and required file documentation to the Carrier.


Step 1:  Log in

            Start at and click on the Electronic Claims Tracking option.  You will then be at a screen asking for an account and password.  Enter your account & password.


Step 2: Start Menu

            You will then be taken to your main menu screen.  Click on the Enter Cat Data button to enter new losses or modify previously entered losses.


Step 3: Main Screen for Claims

You will then be taken to the main data screen for claims.   This screen includes a form for new entries, a list of active claims, and a list of claims where the fee has been already paid. 


Note about Invoice Numbers

In our system, the Invoice number will be automatically generated for you.  It is typically made up of the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, a dash, and a sequential counter. 

For example, if your SSN is 452-77-9876 then your first claim will have the Invoice number of 9876-0001.   After you have added that claim then you will see a status message that “Invoice 9876-0001 has been added.”  You will then see that the system is ready for you to enter the next claim and the Invoice number now says 9876-0002.


Note about pre-filled values

To save you time in typing, right after you have entered a claim, all the following claims will have certain fields already filled in for you…..location, carrier, Cat number…modify them if you need to.



To enter a new claim

If your team leader has not already created the claim/invoice for you then you need to add it.  Just fill in the top form with the information you presently have on a claim and click the ADD ENTRY button.  For example, if you have just contacted the policy holder but have not done the inspection yet then you would be leaving most fields after Contact-Dt blank except for the Status Comment field.



To modify a claim already in the system

Below the “add form” is a list of your currently active claims in a reverse sort by Invoice number.  To modify a claim in order to update the claim’s progress just highlight the row of that claim and click the MODIFY button.  The values will be populated into the form at the top.  Make your adjustments including the Status Comment field then click the MOD ENTRY.  The screen will clear and you should see the message that that invoice has bee modified.


Filling in the Expense Invoice

Below the “add form” is a list of your currently active claims in a reverse sort by Invoice number.  To the right of that scroll box is a pull down of all your invoices.  Identify the invoice you wish to create an expense/invoice for and then click the EXPENSE REPORT button.  Most of the fields should be filled in already for you.  Fill in the brown boxes that apply to this claim.  (The HOURS values should be left at 0 unless you are working this claim as “time and expense”.)  Click on the Recalculate button to do the calculations and store the data.  Click on the Print Version button to have the same screen but with the buttons and boxes removed.  Click print and either print to your printer for a hard copy or print to your Adobe for a PDF version.  (Click the RETURN button or your Back button on your browser to return to the Claim entry screen.)


Already Paid Fees

Back on the main Claim Entry screen, below the “add form” and active tasks section is a section of Already Paid Claims.  Just as soon as a Fee is paid it will show up on this screen as paid.




Step 4: Communications

            When you first log into our system you will see within the START MENU a Communications Section.  We have 3 purposes for this section. 


1)      When a Carrier has specific comments regarding an active Cat/Storm investigation, the adjuster will be able to view these comments here.

2)      When an Adjuster wishes to submit a question via email, the screen will have a comment box, personnel to choose from for sending to, and an empty box to specify a team leader to send the email to.

3)      Specifics / documents / processes that are needed by the adjuster for a particular Cat for a particular Carrier will be available here.