05/30/04 Adjuster Meeting John Hilty, team leader


Data entry


Update DAILY Mandatory


If you do not have a file that is listed as assigned to you – notify me by email


Do not enter a future date in inspection field – write in the comments section “Inspection

scheduled for MM/DD/YY”


Note any unusual problems or events about the claim in the comments section, e.g. bad

phone numbers, insured on vacation, etc.


File assignments


E-mailed file assignments should be acknowledged as soon as received. I will put the names

of the insureds in the email text. When you receive the email check to see that all the loss

reports are attached as listed in the text, then reply to me saying you received all of them.

I will enter some of the administrative data and claim number. When you receive and print

the loss notices, check them against your assigned claims in the database and enter the

appropriate info, e.g. name, policy number, etc.


File Submission


File size seems to be a problem. The pdf documents should not be larger than 1.5 meg. Most

will be under I Meg with recap, estimate, photos, diagrams, etc. Scanned documents and

particularly scanned photos increase file size sometimes dramatically. Be sure that you are

scanning in black and white mode and not grayscale or color modes. You may need to tweak

your scanner settings to get the lowest file size. You should set it for resolution just good

enough to copy documents. If you scan in photos for any reason, save them as jpg files and

resize them down to 640X480 size and then pull them into your xactimate estimate photos.

Talk to me individually for info about how to do this if you are not familiar with photo



When submitting files by email and when printing the final copy of the claim in Adobe

Distiller, please name the file with the insured’s last name and the file number. This makes

for better tracking.


It is not necessary to include the loss report with the submitted files.


I am providing for your use an Exel spread sheet that has a recap, roof worksheet, invoice,

and claim log. The policy info only needs to be input once on the first page. You can use it or

not use it, but you need to lead your files off with a recap sheet similar to the one provided,

i.e. with a statement of loss included on the front page.


Estimates and Xactimate (see example)


Please use Non-Graphical print mode for your estimate printout.

If you have losses under two coverages, e.g. Dwelling and APS or UPP, use Coverage A,

Coverage B, etc. as the loss type then assign the line items to those coverages. This will

produce claim summaries for the separate coverages. You can also set up an HO-121 loss

type to deal with the separate deductable. If you are not already familiar with this procedure

ask me for details.


Pictures in Xactimate


If you use Xactimate for your pictures there are three fields on the data entry window. Please

use the first for a one-word description like BATHROOM or SHED. You can add these

words in the drop down list so all you have to type is the first letter or two and the word pops

in. Tab to the date and tab to enter the photo description. This provides a more professional

appearing estimate.



Also if you are using photoadjuster, you can print 3 photos per page instead of 2... This will also reduce the file size.  Also, you can change the quality on your camera from fine or high to normal in order to reduce file size.






In regard to sending files to Company via email, ask recipient to acknowledge receipt of the file to make sure it is received. If you don't receive confirmation within 24 hrs. send an email inquiring the status.


Dear (Claims Handler),

Please confirm receipt of this file.


(Mr. Adjuster)