Mason Digital Access Project

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  Electronic transmission to Mason by Carrier for assignments

  Adjusters do same-day digital entry of activity

Only approved Adjusters can access the system.

Digital entry forms are "bare bones" graphically to ensure  user-friendly forms and allow fast access even with a dial-up connection.

Digital entry forms have behind-the-scenes logic to check on-the-spot the data being entered by the Adjuster in order to reduce entry errors or omissions of data.

Accumulate statistics on Adjusters' activity - number of jobs, amount of work done, time between start and finish of a job, and when work is completed.

Automatic emails sent daily and upon request to Mason staff with individual and summary data of Adjusters' activity.

As soon as an Adjuster enters data, this information is immediately accessible to the associated Carrier and to the Mason staff.  No redundant data entry.

Summary Reports are automatically generated for the appropriate Carrier and specific Mason staff.

Summary information from Mason can be downloaded to a delimited flat file for import to Excel.


  Carrier access of data particular to that carrier.

  Inventory of skills-rated Adjuster pool (internal to Mason only)

  Management / Evaluation of Adjuster progress by appropriate Carrier and by Mason staff

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