Mason Digital Access Project

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  Electronic transmission to Mason by Carrier for assignments

  Adjusters do same-day digital entry of activity

  Carrier access of data particular to that carrier.

  Inventory of skills-rated Adjuster pool (internal to Mason only)

With a skills-rated and geographic based Adjuster database, the Mason staff can quickly assemble the best team to handle the job.  This information is not for Carrier use but is part of the our digital access system that allows Mason to process assignments quickly and efficiently.  All participating Adjusters are part of an on-line "skills & availability" database.  Each Adjuster has a bio, table of skills and ratings level of each skill, and geographic areas of service.  A query of what skills are needed and what area of the globe the work is needed will result in a list of Adjusters that will fill that need - initially ranked by skill rating level.  

  Management / Evaluation of Adjuster progress by appropriate Carrier and by Mason staff

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